Founded in 2019, By Mr. SUNEEL KUSHWHA, Chairman of lensbird and now it is Malaysia's fastest growing eyewear business today.

With a rapidly growing business reaching out to over 30,000 customers a month via a unique combination of a strong offline business uniquely designed physical stores are revolutionizing the eyewear industry in Malaysia.


Malaysia is the capital of uncorrected vision in the world.

Revolutionize the eyewear industry in Malaysia

Lensbird aim is to help drop this number marginally in the coming years, which can be achieved by providing high quality eyewear to millions of Malaysian’s at affordable prices, giving free eye checkups at home by extending our services to the remote corners of Malaysia.

Current customers & projects

1/3rd of our population needs glasses but doesn't have access to them, making us the blind capital of the world with over million blind people.

With the cause in mind, Chairman SUNEEL KUSHWAHA along with his other co-founders founded 'Lensbird'.

The aim is truly add 'Lensbird online technologies' in customers' lives by eliminating the retailers, setting up our own high quality manufacturing and supply directly to the consumer everywhere in Malaysia. This not only cuts costs, but also helps us maintain high quality standards. Offering the best quality products at affordable prices helped us grow more than 200% in the coming few years we will be among the top 3 optical businesses in Malaysia. From servicing customers per day to more than 1000, we have come a long way. Our commitment to consumer satisfaction and innovative technologies has given us tremendous support from those who believe in our cause.